Mute Swan

BrailleMute Swan
Having reviewed Braille's previous Everyone's Crazy EP, I thought I knew what to expect; my only critique of it was that it created parameters that unnecessarily hindered the compositions. Mute Swan has beautifully destroyed said parameters; each track on this full-length release seamlessly traverses a multitude of genres while somehow maintaining total cohesion throughout. While the EP displayed its influences prominently, Mute Swan subtly integrates them into ever-evolving sonic tapestries. R&B, dub, hip-hop and UK garage are among the influences, many of which can be discerned simultaneously on any given track.

The production here is of the highest calibre, as evidenced by the fact that the often intricate tracks never sound cluttered or overly busy. Instead, Sharma consistently establishes a perfect equilibrium allowing both blatant and subtle elements to coexist, as on "Better Than Nothing" and "Ports," among others. The songs here have been meticulously arranged in order to depict a range of emotions that adhere to the arc that all well-written fictional works do. Mute Swan is a stunning album because it rewards, requires and demands multiple listens. (Friends of Friends)
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