Everyone's Crazy

BrailleEveryone's Crazy
NYC producer Braille, otherwise known as Praveen Sharma (half of the Sepalcure duo), has just dropped the Everyone's Crazy EP as the first of multiple projects that will be released on L.A. label Friends of Friends. The release features compositions drenched in dense synths and beats that are often R&B-influenced, with vocals, apparently culled from the depths of Sharma's personal collection, that tend to be murky and pitch-shifted.

The title track is easily one of the strongest on this release, offering a perfect balance of 808s, synths and slowed vocals that reflect this album's sonic aesthetic. However, the recipe, which serves the rest of this release extremely well, goes somewhat astray on "Small Downs," where the synth stabs become grating and redundant. It's also apparent on this track, and to a lesser extent on "Too Forward," that Sharma has imposed unnecessary restrictions on himself by adhering so rigidly to the aforementioned formula. That said, this is a mellow, mood setting release that becomes more engrossing with each spin. (Friends of Friends)
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