Braids to Release "Beautiful, Deeply Emotional" Album in 2015

Braids to Release "Beautiful, Deeply Emotional" Album in 2015
To cap off 2014, ambient pop duo Blue Hawaii have released a free mixtape, and with its arrival comes an exciting announcement: singer Raphaelle Standell-Preston's other band, Braids, have finished a new album.

In a statement included with the mixtape release of Agor Edits, producer Alex "Agor" Cowan wrote, "Ra will focus on her other band, Braids, who have just completed a beautiful, deeply emotional, new record."

On Twitter, Braids have confirmed that they are indeed plotting a new album, which they are working on with producer Damian Taylor (Björk, the Killers). Braids have also been posting periodic tweets about making the as-yet-untitled album, revealing that they've been going on recording retreats in rural locations. See some of the messages below. In regards to Blue Hawaii's Agor Edits, Cowan described it as sounding "somewhere between the dreamy record and the banging live show." It mostly consists of new edits of previously released songs, but there's also a new tune called "All of My Heart" plus a remix of Kyle Hall's song "Ghosten."

Agor, meanwhile, plans to release some of his own music, which will be "in a similar vein to this mixtape." He will perform at SXSW as DJ Blue Hawaii, and he will be "holding down the fort until Ra and I can record another album."

For now, listen to Agor Edits below. It's available to download for free right here. And of course stay tuned for more info about Braids' new album as it emerges.