Bradford Cox Talks "Weird" New Deerhunter Songs

Bradford Cox Talks "Weird" New Deerhunter Songs
So far in 2012, the ever-prolific Bradford Cox has been touring as Atlas Sound in support of last year's Parallax album, but it looks as if the busy songwriter has now returned his focus to Deerhunter. He has a new collection of songs written, but it still remains to be seen when or if they will be released.

Speaking of the new material with MTV Hive, Cox said, "I don't use any effects pedals or reverb or anything like that. I use a lot of roots sounds but they're kind of like field recordings and they're more like songs. There are a lot of lyrics and an American narrative. I think our next record is going to be our early '50s one."

He continued to say that he's grown disenchanted with contemporary music and is looking for overhaul the group's sound. "I've been very interested in American roots like blues hollers, spiritualists. I always have been, it's nothing new," he noted. "But recently I've become disillusioned with modern music. I feel like it's very perfume-heavy, like someone wearing too much perfume."

He added that "everything is so much motivated by style over substance, and that bothers me. I'm guilty of the same thing. I've done things that I criticize. There's nothing that I criticize that I haven't done, so I don't think I'm better than anyone. But I do think a lot of young groups are real shit. A lot of them are motivated by fame, cocaine, false idols."

Don't get too excited about Deerhunter's new direction just yet, however. Cox admitted that he wasn't sure whether his latest songs will ever get released since "they're so weird." In any case, he said that he's grown tired of playing solo Atlas Sound shows and that the band have been getting "stir crazy," so it's pretty much guaranteed that Deerhunter will be reconvening sooner rather than later.

Deerhunter's last album was 2010's Halcyon Digest.