Bradford Cox Responds Again To Unfinished Album Leak, Seems Optimistic About Finishing

Bradford Cox Responds Again To Unfinished Album Leak, Seems Optimistic About Finishing
As we reported yesterday (August 18), there was plenty of drama to be had at the Deerhunter blog during the weekend. In fact, there was even a little more going on than we first thought — and a seemingly happier ending to this tale of greed and online betrayal.

To recap, Deerhunter/Atlas Sound man Bradford Cox posted his new Virtual 7” No. 4 on Saturday without realizing that anyone could access his unlocked Mediafire account from that link. A reader quickly capitalized and raided Cox’s private files. He or she then subsequently leaked Atlas Sound’s Logos full-length and Deerhunter’s Weird Era Cont, which contrary to our previous report turns out to be a whole album’s worth of material, not just a single track. Both albums were unfinished and unmastered at the time of the leak.

The response from Cox? "Fuck this shit. I can just make another album. [Logos is] not finished and now it never will be.”

Now, thanks to users drudging up comments posted by Cox and then deleted after the incident, it seems he may be releasing Logos after all. "I have no idea what people want me to do. I'm not trying to be a cunt to anyone,” Cox posted on the blog and now deleted. "I will finish the fucking album and stop bitching. I honestly really truly do not want attention from this. Sincerely. I wish none of this shit would have happened. I was just trying to give away another virtual 7". Now everyone that reads this thing is going to think i'm a fucking lunatic. I just have nothing to do. I guess I'll go clean my room.”

So, there is still no denying Cox had one shitty weekend, but thankfully he’s not going to throw away a whole album because of all this. Or at least it seems like he won’t.