Br. Danielson Brother Is To Son

All has been quiet on the Danielson front for a few years now. The Famile has not released any new material since 2001’s Fetch The Compass Kids, leaving many fans wondering what on earth God’s favourite musical brethren has been doing with their time. Well, Br. Danielson should ease some nerves. Even though this is being tipped as a Daniel Smith effort, it is every bit as much of a Danielson Famile recording. Brother Is To Son contains all of the familiar traits of the Danielson songbook: Smith’s scratchy, adolescent vocals, idiosyncratic melodies and the humble DIY ethics. And yet, it’s rather different from Smith and company’s past efforts. Featuring Sufjan Stevens and all of the familiar Danielson co-conspirators, Brother Is To Son, sounds lighter and more accessible, with less emphasis on making things difficult for the non-believers. Whether its maturation or just a realisation that he can finally make the transition into a universal world, Smith has crafted his masterpiece. The tourettes-style outbursts have been limited to only a handful, making room for a more naked and candid form of songwriting. The entire second half of the album is devoted to a peaceful conclusion, fleshing out group harmonies with gentle acoustic guitars. The closing title track is possibly Smith’s finest moment to date, confronting the life cycle through his family that reaches its full potential when a heavenly choir appears till the end. For all of the guff this Famile has endured, finally they’ve reached the moment where they can say, "I told you so!” (Secretly Canadian)