BR5-49 Tangled In The Pines

Long respected as one of the best trad-country bands in Nashville, BR5-49’s fondness for hard twang never got them very far with radio programmers, despite some top notch songwriting from co-front-men Chuck Mead and Gary Bennett. With Bennett’s amicable departure a few years ago, it seemed time for the band to go its separate ways. Yet, Mead went on to recruit singer/guitarist Chris Scruggs, and now, after three years of working him in, the band has returned re-energised. The chiming Telecasters and fiddles are chomping at the bit right from the opening one-two punch of "That’s What I Get” and "I’m All Right (For The Shape I’m In).” The band continues to move from strength to strength for the remainder, showcasing their abilities at rockabilly ("No Train To Memphis”), swamp rock ("Movin’ The Country”) and Ray Price-style weepers ("She’s Talking To Someone”). But mostly, it’s the hard-driving Bakersfield sound that prevails, and aside from its originators, Buck Owens and Merle Haggard, no one does it better than BR5-49. If you’ve been wondering what’s been missing in country music, pick up Tangled In The Pines and you’ll quickly find out. (Dualtone)