Boyz N Da Hood Back Up N Da Chevy

Back Up N Da Chevy is the sophomore album from Boyz N Da Hood, an Atlanta-based quartet signed to Bad Boy South. Big Duke, Jody Breeze, Big Gee and newcomer Gorilla Zoe are impressive on first single "Everybody Know Me,” volleying lines laden with Southern slang back and forth with ease. Being the first single, Bad Boy spared no expense on the production, which is multi-layered. Featuring a typical hard-hitting, torrid drum line and heavy synthesiser, it’s a good example of the overall sound of the album. Also standard through many tracks is an eerie variation of G-funk that gives the album a horror theme throughout most of its 13 tracks. "We Ready,” featuring Young Joc, has the potential to be the next club anthem, anchoring the first seven cuts, after which the album drops off considerably. Bad Boy South claims the Atlanta foursome have filled a void in the rap game, similar to the emergence of N.W.A. in the ’80s. That’s simply not the case; this in an average album best listened to at top volume and in no way is it unique. (Bad Boy South/Warner)