Boyskout School of Etiquette

Boyskout is the band to turn to for some hard-edge, grrrl on grrrl, kick-in-the-teeth growling punk. This debut album is instantly likeable as vocalist Leslie Satterfield hisses and snarls the words to "Jesse James,” one of the most notable tracks on the album. The angular darkness of "Identity” falls into your brain and lodges itself there for days. A playful side comes out with the poppier "Back to Bed,” which is incredibly easy, and fun to sing along to. For anyone who doesn’t believe in fate, Boyskout will have you reconsidering. Asked to play a gig before the band even existed, Boyskout came together in three weeks, and have since put this album together. It’s just too good a record not to exist. With uncompromising realism, bummed out guitars, and mandatory keyboards, Boyskout has created an album that is undeniably addictive. These girls are hot shit and everyone should know it. (Alive!)