The Boy Who Spoke Clouds The Boy Who Spoke Clouds

With a moniker like the Boy Who Spoke Clouds, it's clear Adam Casey is trying to conjure the sort of ethereal delights that labels like 4AD and Projekt revelled in during their heydays. And that's how his debut album begins ― with quiet, folky music that's utterly charming. When Casey starts to sing though, it comes as a bit of a surprise. Initially, his vocals are so muffled it sounds as if recorded his vocals from the other side of the room on a cheap microphone. Yet those murmurs are the most successful vocals, possessing an air of mystery. Put him closer to a mic and he sounds like Dead Can Dance's Brendan Perry ― almost at odds with the fragility of the music. He definitely isn't speaking clouds. Despite the issues, there are some special moments on The Boy Who Spoke Clouds, but they happen in spite of everything Casey does. It isn't clear if it's a question of quality control or some more ideas, but he's getting close enough to think that it could happen next time around. (Sun Sea Sky)