Boy Friends "Finer Points" (video)

Boy Friends "Finer Points" (video)
Montreal's Boy Friends used to be known as the This Many Boyfriends Club, but following a shift in lineup and style, they are now prepping their debut album under the new name. With Magnet School due out this summer on Moon Boy Records, the band have premiered a clip for the track "Finer Points."

The song is an arty garage-pop number, in which nimble guitar licks and angular rhythms are delivering with punk brashness. The accompanying clip complements the music's sneering attitude with its brazenly crummy green-screen effects, as we see glitchy shots of the band performing against lo-res backgrounds culled from Final Fantasy videogames.

In a statement, frontman Casimir Frederic Coquette Kaplan explained that the song "imagines the walk between my apartment and my neighborhood metro station — where I would busk to support myself during a period of unemployment — as a series of isometric screens from Final Fantasy 8. This is paralleled by the video's use of FF8 backgrounds and FF7 gameplay footage — as a lonely child, games like Final Fantasy provided what appeared to me as an entry point into the wider world of human emotions, and those few blocks and that metro station were the de facto point of departure for my reconnection with the world of Montreal after returning from my medical exile."

"Finer Points" is being released on May 27 as a cassette maxi-single that includes two tracks from Magnet School and two exclusive rehearsal room recordings. The video, which was filmed with help from Archery Guild, can be seen below.

Boy Friends will be celebrating the release with a show in Montreal with Men & Volts on May 30.