Bowie's Son Goes to the Moon

Bowie's Son Goes to the <i>Moon</i>
While he may not share his father's glam rock tendencies, and he's ditched his out-there namesake of Zowie Bowie for the more presentable Duncan Jones, there's no question that the son of David Bowie shares his father's understanding of space and time. In fact, Jones has just completed Moon, his debut feature film, which is a sci-fi thriller set in space.

The film stars Sam Rockwell (Frost/Nixon, Choke) as an astronaut trying to drill for natural gas on the moon in order to solve the Earth's energy crisis. Things get a little out of hand, however, when Rockwell's character finds out he's not alone. The film debuted at Sundance this year to much praise and is expected to see a limited North American release this summer, with screenings set for Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal beginning June 26.

Jones co-wrote the script with Nathan Parker and shot the movie on a shoestring budget in just 33 days. Still, peep the trailer below and tell us it doesn't look like an instant cult classic.

As CHUD points out, Jones is already at work on his next feature, which will be a Blade Runner-esque flick set in a future Berlin. Here's hoping for a cameo from Ziggy Stardust.