Bovine Life and/or/vs. Komet Reciprocess: + / vs.

This recording primarily features the music of two artists, Bovine Life and Komet, who also have collaborative tracks and a remix by Frank Bretshneider and Chris Dooks. This album is also a joint venture of two labels, with Bip Hop representing the sounds of Bovine Life and Fallt representing Komet. Reciprocess is something of a yin-yang recording, in terms of approaches taken by the respective producers. Komet starts his tracks in a nebulous netherworld of static noise and manages to navigate the chaos into some form of rhythmic order, much like the magician in Walt Disney's Fantasia. On the other hand, Bovine Life is the wild card who takes an a-structural approach, eschewing things like beats or rhythmic structure. Komet likes to work in low-end noise and rumbling rhythms, which is equivalent to standing next to a large power generator where the earth tremors. Conversely, Bovine Life's material sounds like a cross between a hearing test and home appliances conversing with each other. That being said, the artists do not sound so exclusive from each other, rather they seem to work with similar sound files, only their approaches are different. (Bip-hop)