Bottomless Pit Congress

If rock’n’roll could use anything right now it’s honesty. Amongst all the posturing, genre regurgitation and "story”-fuelled sell tactics it’s tough to know when you’re getting something "real,” something that’s not a well-devised piece of marketing with a two-week shelf life. It’s perhaps for this reason that Bottomless Pit’s undeniably genuine debut, Hammer of the Gods, came across as such a welcomed anomaly last year. Its haunting post-punk blues held no hidden agenda in their humble approach, with the post-Silkworm project aiming only to exercise some demons and make quality songs in the process, sales figures be damned. These no-bullshit tactics continue with the EP follow-up Congress, whose four tracks rival any of the best from the group’s debut. Bottomless Pit haven’t changed their formula much, still grounding their barebones gloom in angular guitar heroics, flailing drum patterns and Tim Midgett’s gruff yet increasingly sensitive vocal lines. If anything, the band have picked up a bit more confidence, offering no weak links and making Congress an essential part of the Silkworm lineage. (Comedy Minus One)