Bot'Ox Announce Debut Full-Length Babylon By Car

Bot'Ox Announce Debut Full-Length <i>Babylon By Car</i>
Benjamin "Cosmo Vitalli" Boguet and Julien Briffaz of self-described "Parisian motor fetish electro-poppers" Bot'Ox have been around since 2005. And while they have numerous singles and a couple of EPs to their name, they have yet to release a full-length album.

Now, with quite a catalogue already under their belts, Bot'Ox have finally announced plans to drop their debut LP, Babylon By Car, this October on I'm a Cliché Records.

If the album name doesn't already give it away, Babylon By Car is centred on a fascination and fixation on - you guessed it, cars. More specifically, cars as vehicles for the representation of the end of an era, with the title serving as a tribute and "manifesto of the rushing end of the century."

While Bot'Ox's familiar tough and gritty punches are still there, the duo's debut also gives way to a more mellow melancholy contemplation that drives Babylon By Car for a quick stop to the past of Cybotron, John Foxx and Wire before gunning it into the future.

Judy Nylon of '70s New York new wave cult band Snatch lends her vocals to "Tout Passe, Tout Lasse, Tout Casse," and Domingo's Anna jean is featured on "Blue Steel," while Mark Kerr makes an appearance on both "Tragedy Symphony" and "Slow Burn."

Babylon By Car is due out on October 23.

Babylon By Car:

1. "Motor City"
2. "Bearded lady Motorcycle Club"
3. "Blue Steel" (feat. Anna Jean)
4. "Crashed Cadillac"
5. "Tout Passe, Tout Lasse, Tout Casse" (feat. Judy Nylon)
6. "Babylon By Car"
7. "Rue de l'Arsenal"
8. "Car Jacked"
9. "Tragedy Symphony" (feat. Mark "Bogus" Kerr)
10. "Slow Burn" (feat. Mark "Bogus" Kerr)

Bot'Ox - Overdrive from I'm A Cliché on Vimeo.