St. Albans Church, Ottawa ON, August 20

BosveldSt. Albans Church, Ottawa ON, August 20
Photo: Kamara Morozuk
Having recently returned home from a tour around the province by bicycle, local future-folk duo Bosveld delivered a set that kept those in attendance enthralled from start to finish. The "future" element of their sound stems from drowning the finger-style guitar of Théan Slabbert and Jeremy Mulder's alto saxophone in a wash of droning echoes and reverbs, resulting in expansive, compelling soundscapes. On top of the jangly skills of Slabbert, Mulder's subtle saxophone playing was extra impressive — he played through countless effects to build upon the swirling layers of sonics. Bringing an upright bassist and drummer into the fold for the performance that evening proved to be a successful move in revealing another dimension in their sound. Delicate work behind the kit and strong, steady bass-lines supported the duo's delicate ambiance well, making Slabbert's folky lyrics about wide open spaces and sweeping landscapes all the more fanciful.

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