Boston Spaceships Our Cubehouse Still Rocks

Boston SpaceshipsOur Cubehouse Still Rocks
Of all his post-GBV output (and there's been a veritable oil spill's worth), Robert Pollard's Boston Spaceships releases have been most consistently pleasing to the GBV-craving ear. This fourth release by the band (made up of Pollard, GBV alumnus Chris Slusarenko and Decemberists drummer John Moen) is no exception. There are those titles that scream of nostalgic glories: "John the Dwarf Wants to Become an Angel" and "Trick of the Telekinetic Newlyweds," though the latter's cello, classical guitar and echo-treated vocals tart it up in a way the historically boozy bash-ups never did. Cubehouse's heart is built of hooks and classic rock valentines that ring through effortless muscle car anthems, such as opener "Track Star" and "Come on Baby Grace." These are paced by mid-tempo dreamers like "Stunted" and "King Green Stamp," perfect for holding aloft your Miller Lites in solidarity. It's virtually filler-free and shrink-wrapped in woozy goodness. (GBV)