Born/Dead The Final Collapse

Although Born/Dead have been blasting out their political gutter punk/hardcore for almost a decade, as The Final Collapse clearly indicates, these guys still feel more comfortable with the time when Henry Rollins was fronting Black Flag and D.R.I. were bridging the gap between punk and metal with their definitive Crossoveralbum. Crunching, metallic guitar riffs are interspersed with Agnostic Front-ish, testosterone-fuelled lyrics, creating a slightly less cacophonous Cryptic Slaughter sound that’s the perfect link between the aforementioned California hardcore scene and the onset of ’90s bands such as Tragedy and the Black Hand. Expedient without feeling short and confident without being cocky or overly confrontational, The Final Collapse rides the perfect line between sounding as though it’s an unearthed gem from decades ago while having enough gusto and inventiveness to feel modern. (Prank)