Born to Lose Sweet Misery

Dark and majestic while still retaining their obvious street-level pulse, Born to Lose create a swirling vortex of disenchanted agony on the aptly-titled Sweet Misery. Basically structured so as to remain familiar and enticing while exploring the almost-gothic tendencies of psychobilly, it’s as if one took the mystery that Tiger Army struggle to emote, packed it into something slightly more digestible and polished than said Army could ever muster. However, one must note that none of the comparative band’s posturing weasels its way into Born to Lose. Thuggish and heavy without being stupid or lumbering, this is very real music, replete with well-placed chants that inject even more adrenaline, piss and vinegar into their assault. Overall, thanks to a patient drive and a penchant for slightly sleazy yet ear-catching riffs; a simplistic albeit earnest delivery, Sweet Misery quickly becomes a comfortable favourite. (Rough Trade/EMI)