Born Gold to Return With 'Little Sleepwalker' This Fall

Born Gold to Return With 'Little Sleepwalker' This Fall
Before Purity Ring were somewhat of a household name, the members were part of Gobble Gobble, a futuristic pop project from Edmontonian mastermind Cecil Frena. Back in 2011, Frena evolved the project into Born Gold and released Bodysongs. Now, he's announced plans for a sophomore record.

The new Born Gold album is called Little Sleepwalker, and will be released this fall via Portland's Audraglint Recordings.

In his first public interview ever, which just happened to be with Forbes, Frena explained how he considers the new album to be an "inversion" of Bodysongs with the following statement:

Little Sleepwalker is not a pop record. Instead, I essentially made a prog record built from pop and club signifiers. Scary words. Where Bodysongs is structurally direct, Little Sleepwalker is labyrinthine and circuitous: Where Bodysongs is vocally enthusiastic or hyper-earnest, Little Sleepwalker is withdrawn and even humble. I was so committed to this idea of inversion that I actually tried to invert myself: I spent a few weeks learning to physically sing with a stereotypically "female" delivery—"pure falsetto"—in addition to using digital gender effects to create my androgynous counterpart. So the whole thing is very alien, but also I think very familiar because of the world of commercial and dance sounds it uses.

I imagine the role that pop music plays on
Little Sleepwalker is going to be disorienting for a lot of people, because pop is usually on the throne and not the vivisection table.

Little Sleepwalker will be available on October 23. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

Lawn Knives from Born Gold on Vimeo.