Born from Pain In Love with the End

Considering this band was actually born in a putrid pile of festering faeces belonging to the hardcore pioneers of yesteryear, pain seems like understatement. Truthfully, the listening experience can be classified within the realm of agony. The posed out, camo-clad band members pictured on the back of the CD beside song titles including "Rise or Die,” "Judgment” and "The New Hate” are the most conspicuous clues as to what this band are all about: contrived bullshit. Earth Crisis provides the foundation for their sound though BFP are more likely to interrupt the meatier grooves with metallic riffing. Breakdowns are the primary focus, each verse leading to an inevitable chugging meets chanting piece of filler that quickly becomes intolerable. After 20 seconds or so, the piercing volume and annoying delivery of jock vocals becomes an additional annoyance. They adhere to this predictability for the entirety of the record, likening themselves to the untalented hackery of Sworn Enemy or the amusing failures of Terror. They did, however, manage to get one thing right: you’ll be in love with the end of this excruciating 35 minutes. (Metal Blade)