Boris to Release Two Albums Simultaneously This Spring

Boris to Release Two Albums Simultaneously This Spring
Japanese rockers Boris have kept things interesting since forming in the '90s. From their early psych rock experiments to their stoner drone epics to their bizarre collaboration with the Cult's Ian Astbury, the trio have run the heavy music spectrum. Ready to broaden their horizons some more, the band have announced they will be releasing two albums this spring, both on the same day and both completely different from one another.

First is Attention Please, an album touted as pumping up Boris's pop tendencies without sacrificing any of their heaviness. The biggest difference with the platter is that guitarist Wata will be tackling vocal duties. While a press release explains that she has rocked the microphone on the occasional Boris tune, this will be the first time the musician's "intimate, multifaceted vocal style" is predominately at the forefront. The PR goes on to describe the disc as being "melodic without sounding pop" and "heavy without relying on barre chord riffs."

The second album may borrow form Boris's past, but will assuredly take them someplace new. The band's Heavy Rocks (2002) was a classic melding of psychedelic metal, buzzy punk and atmospheric droning. Aiming to capture that spirit while adding something new in the mix, Boris have made another record called, well, Heavy Rocks. This second version, which also features similar artwork to its predecessor, aims to "redefine 'heavy' music" by using their principles of old with a new joie de vie. You can check out the tracklisting for both albums below.

Attention Please and Heavy Rocks come out April 26 on Sargent House.

Attention Please:

1. "Attention Please"
2. "Hope"
3. "Party Boy"
4. "See You Next Week"
5. "Tokyo Wonder Land"
6. "16:47:52..."
7. "Aileron"
8. "Les Paul Custom '86"
9. "Spoon"
10. "Hand in Hand"

Heavy Rocks:

1. "Riot Sugar"
2. "8"
4. "Jackson Head"
5. "Missing Pieces"
6. "Key"
7. "Window Shopping"
8. "Tu, la la"
9. "Aileron"
10. "Czechoslovakia"