Boris Releasing Not Two but Three New Albums This Spring

Boris Releasing Not Two but Three New Albums This Spring
Just yesterday (February 16), experimental Japanese rockers Boris confirmed their spring would be action-packed, with the announcement of two new albums. Oddly, it appears as if the trio's schedule just wasn't busy enough, so the group will let loose a third genre-mashing platter next season. But while fans worldwide will be able to lap up Heavy Rocks and Attention Please, this third disc is so far only set for a Japanese release.

Brooklyn Vegan reports that the colourfully titled New Album will be released March 16 on Tearbridge/Daymare, though so far no North American release is in sight. If you're interested in the import though, you will be glad to know that it features 11 more songs from the troupe.

Interestingly, it includes the cut "Party Boy," which is also featured on Attention Please, as well as on an older seven-inch. However, a rep for the group maintains that these are all different versions of the song. You can check out the tripped-out, electro-psych, pop-tinged New Album version of "Party Boy" here or below.

New Album:

1. "Party Boy"

2. "Hope-Hope"

3. "Flare"

4. "Black Original"

5. "Pardon?"

6. "Spoon"

7. "Head Jackson"

8. "Guitar Dark"

9. "Tu, la la"
10. "Looprider"

11. "(Event Information), yet Few Other Songs"