Boris Unveil 'Dear' LP, Share Video for "Absolutego"

Boris Unveil 'Dear' LP, Share Video for 'Absolutego'
After treating the beloved Pink LP to a reissue and anniversary tour last year, Boris have lifted the curtain on a new disc for 2017. Titled Dear, the long-running Japanese band's 23rd studio album arrives on July 14 through Sargent House.

Dear is said to contain a wealth of early Boris calling cards, though the group aren't sticking to a formula after a quarter century of music making. The band's "renewed vitality" that came as a result of touring Pink helped inspire "an album that fortifies their monolithic wall of sound while also allowing the individual band members to explore the nuances and intricacies of minimalist riffs played at maximum volume."

A press release notes that the writing process for Dear yielded three albums' worth of material by the time they had finished. A first taste of the disc can be heard in "Absolutego," which arrives with a music video. You can find that in the player below.

"At the very first moment, this album began as some kind of potential farewell note of Boris," the band said in a statement. "However, it became a sincere letter to fans and listeners… you know, like 'Dear so-and-so, this is the new album from Boris' or something like that. We feel so grateful we can release this album in our 25th anniversary year." 

Dear arrives on CD, 2xLP and digital formats. Read through the tracklisting to watch the video for "Absolutego" in the player below.


1. D.O.W.N. (Domination Of Waiting Noise) 
3. Absolutego
4. Beyond 
5. Kagero
6. Biotope
7. The Power
8. Memento Mori
9. Distopia Vanishing Point
10. Dear