Boris "Riot Sugar" (ft. Ian Astbury)

Boris 'Riot Sugar' (ft. Ian Astbury)
Following their collaboration with the Cult's Ian Astbury on 2010's four-song BXI EP, Japanese psych metal anomalies Boris have revealed plans to release two new albums this spring. "Riot Sugar," the opening track from Heavy Rocks, is available now as a free download and once again recruits the vocal chops of Astbury.

Rather than take over the track, Astbury offers up some backing vocals while Boris stick to their usual M.O. of massive guitars and pounding drums. The track doesn't really shift in dynamics too much, but when you have riffs like these, there isn't much of a need to switch it up.

Download "Riot Sugar" here.

As previously reported, Boris will release Attention Please and Heavy Rocks on May 24 via Sargent House.