Boris "Hope"

Boris 'Hope'
As recently reported, eclectic Japanese imports Boris have a trio of new albums on the way. This includes Attention Please, which the press release described as "melodic without sounding pop" and "heavy without relying on barre chord riffs." Well, now we can hear what that means.

Today (February 24), Boris shared the new Attention Please track "Hope," which you can download here. With guitarist Wata stepping to the fore, her icy soft-sung vocals definitely give this track a pop edge, as the remaining members make sure they fill this one with sufficient overloaded crunch, as well as some gliding strings.

If you've seen the band live in the last year or so, the track will come as no surprise. But if not, you might want to prepare yourself for something a bit different.

Attention Please and Heavy Rocks come out April 26 on Sargent House. A third album, simply called New Album, will be released March 16 on Tearbridge/Daymare in Japan.