Boom Bap Project Reprogram

With a name like Boom Bap Project you had better come correct with the beats, and with Jake One manning the vibes on a large chunk of this record you best believe this Seattle crew has their production in check. And it’s a good thing because the beats on Boom Bap’s full-length debut is what makes it float near the top of the pile, rising above the nasal vocals of Destro and Karim, which are a tad boring, with some of their choruses treading Swollen Members territory. Not to praise Jake One for all the successful moments in Reprogram, but it is quite obvious that the hottest jams are the ones he has blessed, with exception to a couple Vitamin D joints and Bap’s own DJ Scene exchanging blistering cuts with Vinroc on "The Back Bone of Hip-Hop.” There’s a strong sign of potential in Boom Bap Project to rise above the mediocrity of this debut, and these cats seriously need to avoid rock-infused joints such as the awful "Ammunition.” However, with a little help from their more talented friends we are sure to hear more distinct noise from Seattle. (Rhymesayers)