The Books Take The Way Out with New Album

The Books Take <i>The Way Out</i> with New Album
In case you didn't notice, we're pretty excited about the Books' upcoming new album. We first caught wind of the project when the long-running experimental sound duo announced that they would be trying out some new material on a North American tour in late 2009. From there, our excitement grew as we found out that they had signed with Temporary Residence. The album has officially reached the "actually happening" status with the announcement of a title and release date.

Called The Way Out, the Books' Temporary Residence debut will be released this summer. On their personal Tumblr page, the band described the album's sound with the following statement:

The working concept for the sound of The Way Out was pretty simple: Every track needs to sound like it comes from its own universe. That is, every track is its own rabbit-hole. As on Lost and Safe the new record is a mixture of sample-based and lyric-based songs. "Beautiful People" is one of the four "sung songs" on the new record (14 tracks, about 50 minutes in all). In this case, a three-part Christian harmony mixed with a sort of euro-disco-trash beat, an orchestra's worth of sampled brass and lyrics about the 12th root of two trigonometry and tangrams which will make up the video portion of the song for the live show.

 To experience the "three part Christian harmony mixed with a sort of euro-disco-trash beat," download "Beautiful People" here or stream it below.

The Way Out will be released on July 20.