Books & Branches 'Caribou Whispers' (album stream)

Books & Branches 'Caribou Whispers' (album stream)
Books & Branches is a project that brings together songwriter Colin McLaine and Fond of Tigers' Stephen Lyons. The Vancouver-based outfit originally readied their album Caribou Whispers for release way back in 2010, but ran into some "issues" getting it out in the world. Those have been resolved now, though, and Exclaim! is giving you a listen to the record before it's officially out on February 17 via Offseason Records.
Caribou Whispers came to fruition after McLaine sent Lyons a series of "demos and cassette scrapbook ideas" while he was living in the Yukon. A strong connection to the natural world is hinted at with songs like "Canoeing," "Orange Red Earth," "Caribou Whispers" and "Dry Wood."
In Lyons's own words, "It's nuanced and subtly strange album that channels the ghosts of Townes van Zandt, 14th Century Persian poet Hafiz, Erik Satie, and the North itself."
Jesse Gander helmed production on the project, which hears McLaine handling vocals, guitars and baritone ukulele; Lyons playing percussion, guitars, banjo and backing vocals; and Dave Chokroun on piano and upright bass.
Hear the culmination of their creative collaborations by streaming Caribou Whispers below.