Booker's Holiday Spectacular ft. Jill Barber (Exclaim! TV)

Booker's Holiday Spectacularft. Jill Barber (Exclaim! TV)
We're just getting warmed up with our third instalment of Booker's Holiday Spectacular! Canadian songstress Jill Barber stopped by Booker's and treated us to a couple of songs.

First, watch Barber perform the classic Christmas carol, "We Three Kings." Accompanied by violinist Drew Jurecka, Barber finger picks her acoustic guitar while delivering a beautiful vocal performance of the solemn holiday staple.

Barber also treated Booker to a performance of "A Wish Under My Pillow," which can be found on last year's Mischievous Moon. With Jurecka plucking his violin and chiming in with whistling, this track is not only heart warming, but kinda adorable, too.

Jill Barber drops her French language album, Chansons, on January 29 through Outside Music.

Jill Barber - We Three Kings by ExclaimTV