Booker's Holiday Spectacular Ft. Doctor Ew

Booker's Holiday SpectacularFt. Doctor Ew
You might recognize Drew Smith from various Toronto acts like The Bicycles, Gentlemen of Leisure or even as Maylee Todd's bass player, but he also writes and performs music under the pseudonym, Doctor Ew. Being close pals with Booker, we had to have him perform a couple of songs for the Holiday Spectacular.

First watch Doctor Ew perform "Be A Dreamer," then the not so festive, but quite sad, Dracula Blues with Andrew Scott and Jay Anderson backing him up.

With Christmas only a day a way, we only have one more episode of Booker's Holiday Spectacular to go! You can watch all of the performances from Booker's living room here, and be sure to come back tomorrow.

Dr. Ew - Be A Dreamer by ExclaimTV