Boogiewall Soundsystem Supermyownband

Ska meets dub meets electronica topped off with lively pop vocals is the best way to describe Boogiewall Soundsystem’s Supermyownband. Sean Richards (producer, engineer) teams with Tanya Kornobis (producer, writer and singer) and in doing so creates this album, a uniquely fresh, vocally strong release with richly textured accompanying rhythms. Supermyownband captures that ol’ school rub-a-dub style reggae vibe but at the same time is lyrically current and stylistically strong in its production. From the first track onward you’ll be lost in this musical collective; a smorgasbord if you will of various eclectic sounds all fused into one. You’ll hear Eastern rhythms, Jamaican ska/dub beats, jazzy horn arrangements and electro-pop fusion vocals. The only complaint against this album is that there are very few up-tempo tracks so there is an overall drowning tone to it but true to the last note dub fans will appreciate the authenticity Boogiewall Soundsystem is trying to bring to this genre of music. (Independent)