Boogat El Dorado Sunset

BoogatEl Dorado Sunset
It's clear from El Dorado Sunset that Boogat has spent time honing his chops live, in front of audiences bent on dancing. This album understands the importance of keeping things moving, and from beginning to end, each tune will get folks moving. The production on El Dorado Sunset, courtesy of everyone from Montreal hero Poirier to Munich's electro/tropical/dancehall dons Schlachthofbronx, varies wildly. And this is a very good thing. Influences from multiple corners of the globe (or, more properly, multiple quarters of Montreal) have been injected. The many instrumental contributors, including turntable master Kid Koala, provide an organic sound, but there's still a whack of electronic zip-zap on the album as well. Head-nodding moments sit alongside danceable drums and Boogat's flow functions as a percussive tool and melodic guide, and it doesn't matter at all if you're fluent in Spanish. The hook for the ultra-entertaining, multi-lingual first single, "Wow," featuring Radio Radio, is beyond catchy, and it's not alone, as this record lives up to its claim of being "El gran baile de las identidades" (the big dance/ball of identities). Boogat is a well-known MC in Quebec, but with El Dorado Sunset, he's looking to expand his horizons.

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