Bonobo / Various It Came From the Sea

The next chapter of the Solid Steel series belongs to Ninja Tune’s greatest signing in recent years, and with his own work woven amongst similar-sounding artists that have helped shaped his sound, Bonobo has taken a fine crack at the mix series. Fans of the monkey mixer will know what to expect when it comes to a Bonobo set, so you can look forward to a lot of international sounds and flavours mostly coming in the form of new funk rhythms and ass-shakers thanks to Jazz Juice’s amazing floor burner "Marra Bossa.” Bonobo hasn’t made a mix that you can throw on at a party and expect to turn things out on its own as he explores much slower tempos with lullabies from Amon Tobin and Savath & Savalas, as well as an intermission here and there to break things up a little. Bonobo is undoubtedly an excellent DJ with a good ear for beautiful music and his Solid Steel presentation is everything you would expect. Though not quite as nice as his live sessions, It Came from the Sea just proves he can attack your headphones just as swiftly as a dance floor. (Ninja Tune)