The North Borders Tour – Live

BonoboThe North Borders Tour – Live
Anyone who caught Bonobo live on his North Borders tour can attest to the absolute beauty and brilliance of the performance, aided by a full band accompanying the prolific DJ. For those who didn't see the act, The North Borders Tour – Live is a pretty accurate representation, capturing the nuances only found in a live set. Releasing a live album these days seems pretty obsolete given the times, but Bonobo has a knack for delivering material in any format that's spot on, and this collection of tracks is no exception.

The album is well-rounded, with songs from Black Sands thrown in (classics like "Kiara" and "Kong" are obvious and welcome inclusions), and a slick roll into "Ketto" that features a burly trumpet solo. The full band complements Bonobo's instrument-heavy production so well it's hard to imagine listening to him again without it. And with live instrumentation comes live vocals, with London-native Szjerdene adding remarkable depth and improvisation to tracks like "Towers" and "Heaven For the Sinner." It's Bonobo's new spin on an old sound. (Ninja Tune)
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