Flashlight EP

BonoboFlashlight EP
If there's one thing Bonobo seemingly doesn't do, it's sit still. After two years of endless touring promoting the release of The North Borders, including a second tour with a full band and subsequent live-album release not two months ago, Bonobo is already releasing a three-track EP, titled Flashlight. Though short in length, it's exactly what you'd expect from Bonobo: a sound wholly familiar yet entirely unexpected, straddling the line between club beats and late night/early morning downtime.

Opener "Flashlight" rolls on a warbling siren synth and upbeat looped guitar pluck, while "Pelican" relies on a choppy beat and subtle muted vocals. Oddly enough, the track that sounds most like Bonobo's previous work, "Return to Air," is also the most lacking; it sports a distinctly downtempo vibe with deep, echoing bass and soft vocals running throughout, something to wind the night down, rather than take you through it like "Flashlight" or "Pelican" do. The Flashlight EP could very well be a glimpse into the direction Bonobo's next full-length will take. Time will tell. (Ninja Tune)
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