Bono and Bob Geldof to Serve as Guest Globe and Mail Editors

Bono and Bob Geldof to Serve as Guest <i>Globe and Mail</i> Editors
Do you ever find yourself sitting at the kitchen table, reading your newspaper first thing in the morning and wishing it had just a little more political naivete? Do you wish the journalists writing the articles were less subjective and put across more of a self-serving celebrity God-complex? If you answered yes to any of those questions, May 10 will be a very special day for you.

That's because May 10 will see Canadian newspaper the Globe and Mail take on celebrity superheroes Bono and Sir Bob Geldof as editors. Apparently, the topic of the issue will be "Emerging Africa," an admirable topic that would be worthy of much discussion. With Bono and Geldof at the helm though, we're not sure what to expect.

"The Globe and Mail, one of the world's great papers of record, has, in a mad rush of blood to the head, agreed to let two Irish pop singers edit their august journal for one special day, one special edition," Geldof said in a statement.

Bono added, "I'm a huge fan of great journalism - I can't wait to show up for work at the Globe. Our aim in this special edition is to crack down on a few stereotypes and showcase the opportunities surrounding the African continent, not just the problems."

 If payroll at the Globe and Mail happens to be reading this, we'd like to remind you that Bono's pay cheque should be sent to Holland.