Bono Releases Sunglasses Line for Charity

Bono Releases Sunglasses Line for Charity
It was revealed last year that Bono's ever-present sunglasses are worn because he suffers from glaucoma. Now, the U2 frontman has announced that he's teamed-up with eyewear makers Revo to get glasses to the vision-impaired as part of a new worldwide campaign.

A press release explains that the "Buy Vision, Give Sight" campaign has goals to "help prevent vision impairment and blindness in more than 5 million people by 2020." Henceforward, $10 from every sale of Revo sunglasses will go towards providing various eyecare measures to "under-resourced communities around the world." This includes screenings, and delivering prescription glasses to those suffering from impaired vision, all of which being organized by the Brien Holden Vision Institute.

Portions of the proceeds will also go towards training locals in the various communities how to detect eye disease, with funds also going towards research. The initiative has plans to raise up to $10 million.

Considering Bono's humanitarian record, as well as his own battle with glaucoma over the last 20 years, the rock star gladly signed up to promote the cause.

"The 'Buy Vision, Give Sight' campaign is a very personal one for me," Bono said in a statement. "Thanks to good medical care my eyes are okay, but tens of millions of people around the world with sight problems don't have access to glasses, or even a basic eye test. Poor eyesight may not be life-threatening, but it dramatically affects your life and your livelihood if you aren't able to fix it."

Bono is currently wearing Revo sunglasses on U2's "Innocence + Experience World Tour." A signature collection from the singer, featuring five different styles of sunglasses, will be unveiled in the fall.