Bon Voyage The Right Amount

Bon Voyage is a real family affair; it’s comprised of Starflyer 59's Jason Martin, his wife Julie and his brother Ronnie. It started out as a fun dalliance whose complete output was supposed to comprise a single seven-inch single but it has somehow metamorphosed into a fully-fledged side project that have just issued their second full-length album. The music is straightforward pop music that sounds a lot like I Am The World Trade Center, with more guitars and slightly less keyboards. It definitely doesn’t sound like Starflyer 59, so fans of that band should approach with caution. When the songs are given enough time to develop the ideas (as with "The Telephone”), Bon Voyage really finds their feet. But the shorter songs make you think that they just don’t have enough ideas for a whole album. Despite that, even at 30 minutes, The Right Amount feels on the long side because the sweet, saccharine pop music is just a little too much to take; small doses are recommended. (Tooth and Nail)