Bon Iver Shares Lyrics from Forthcoming LP

Bon Iver Shares Lyrics from Forthcoming LP
On Monday (May 16), beloved balladeers Bon Iver unveiled "Calgary," the lead single from their upcoming self-titled album. Now, just days later, we have another sampling of the LP in the form of the full lyric sheet.

Jagjaguwar has posted the words to all nine songs on its official blog. That means you can scan songwriter Justin Vernon's head-scratching poetry and try to make sense of lines like "borne the arboretic truth you kept posing" (from "Minnesota, WI") and "In the towers of your honeycomb" (from "Towers").

Vernon previously promised that the album would be a step away from his plaintive folk sound, and admitted, "I forgot how to write songs." Perhaps these dense and cryptic lyrics are the result of his new, collage-style approach.

Why did Bon Iver choose to share all of the lyrics now? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the album leaked online earlier this week. Not that we're condoning that sort of thing.

The disc arrives in stores on June 21. Listen to "Calgary" (legally) below.