Bombolesse Pucha-Pucha

With acclaimed Brazilian bands Mundo Livre S/A and Pedro Luís e a Parade sporadically releasing gem albums of groovy samba pop soul every couple years and leaving fans hanging without tours or even updates, the podium for this genre of post-mengue beat, Latin music has long been up for grabs. Surprisingly, some of the most eligible heirs are not from Rio or Salvador, but from the very thriving Montreal world scene. Bombolesse are a young, hot six-piece from Montreal that take from their musically diverse upbringings, which includes band members’ forays into Afro-Brazilian percussion and Latin jazz, and combine it to make their own blend of "Brazilianised” music, which, just like mengue beat, are their interpretations of MBP, pagode, samba, and reggae combined with elements of funk, rock and roots. Pucha-Pucha plays like a whirlwind journey to southern lands and as much as guitarist Patrick Robert employs a wonderful samba touch with Sebastien Bujon’s flute to create lush, tropical sounds, the music is equally indebted in the island soul of the Caribbean as it is to the crazy fanatics of the almost circus-like music of Mexicans Los de Abajo and Café Tacuba. Previously opening for reggae legend Alpha Blondy and Venezuelan playboys Los Amigos Invisibles should also provide an idea of the depth of this band. (Bros)