Bombolesse Movimento

International festival veterans Bombolessé are experts at satisfying hip shaking party urges, and with their second release, they're making it clear that they mean as much business on record as live. Their music reflects global influences, but the Montreal seven-piece jam band aren't out to reinvent the samba-rock wheel. Bombolessé's objective is to elicit from their listeners the very energy they exude, inciting others to spend a bit of their juice shadowing the vibe. Their joie-de-vivre Brazileiro, by way of Montreal, is palpable and remains front and centre on the record, whether tackling Brazilian municipal elections or Chavez's attempts to make the reading of Don Quixote the opium of the Venezuelan people. "Perrito," a sarcastic musing about whether stray dogs might be better off as capitalists or communists, meshes elements of jazz, electronic experimentation and African rhythms. Funk-driven Arabic choruses (featuring the vocals of Sabah Bounit) cut into the Samba-beat verses of "Salam Alekoum Samba," capping off Movimento's boisterous 13 tracks. (Independent)