Bombay Royale You Me Bullets Love

Bombay RoyaleYou Me Bullets Love
Bombay Royale's cinematic Hindi funk channels Ennio Morricone and John Barry into a Bollywood montage of frolicking outlaws transported into a spy thriller. The sound, like the imagery it conjures, is both gritty and slick – the pounding rhythm that might back a train robbing chase scene also features blasting horns and a '70s disco groove. The result is a bombastic hybrid that honours the musical theatrics of vintage Bollywood soundtracks. Aside from two Film City covers (their modern reworking of hit song "Jaan Pehechan Ho," from the 1965 movie Gumnaam, is especially noteworthy), You Me Bullets Love puts the spotlight on their original material. Featuring mainly high-energy cuts, with some pretty cool surf guitar, the momentum can be a tad overwhelming. When they do insert a breather, in the form of a slower-paced duet, lead vocalist Parvyn Kaur Singh's vocals reach such a high pitch that they can easily become grating to those unaccustomed to them. These drawbacks take little away from the album strengths though. Hailing from Melbourne, the 11-member outfit whip up such a refreshingly festive splurge of East-meets-West influences that they're sure to win a sizable following beyond the British Commonwealth. (HopeStreet)