BOIDS "Hong Kong Candy" (video)

BOIDS 'Hong Kong Candy' (video)
Never mind what you'd do for a Klondike Bar, what would you do for some "Hong Kong Candy?" Well, if you're the guys in BOIDS, you'll probably mosh it up in an empty concrete bunker before beating the shit out of each other, just to get to that sweet, sweet taste.

The video finds the quartet wearing papier-mâché, skanking up to the sounds of their own jittery, pixie dust-pounding beats and Warheads-potent punks licks. Apparently, they're in dire need of "Hong Kong Candy," which leads to the mangling of the Bird-headed fella's beak, a dismantling of the faux-Batman's dome and a boot to the skull for another BOID.

You'll see the troupe, ahem, Stalk Each Other Like Animals down below.

BOIDS will play a Heavy MTL launch show tonight (August 8) with Bat Sabbath at Katacombes.