Bog Oak

A Treatise on Resurrection and the Afterlife

Bog OakA Treatise on Resurrection and the Afterlife
Seconds after pressing play, A Treatise on Resurrection and the Afterlife immediately greets the listener with feedback and heavy progressions as the opening track "The Science of the Afterlife" sets out to make as strong of an impression as it can, ensuring that Bog Oak have your full attention for the next 20 minutes. While the first two minutes of play — and a quick glance at the album cover — may persuade one to think that Bog Oak are just another blackened stoner metal band fond of fuzzy distortion, that stereotype will quickly dissolve as the guttural snarls of vocalist Julie Seymour transition into clean melancholy melodies and rampaging riffs that briefly domesticate themselves in the support of such haunting vocals.

This oscillation between brooding anger and beautiful moments of clarity form the basis of Bog Oak's sound. The single "A Sea Without Shore" serves as the best representation of this duelling dynamic as chord progressions, burdened with the weight of sludge-drenched distortion, surge in and out while angelic vocals maintain an almost despairing sense of calm. One could point out the numerous influences that are clearly present within the creative mindsets of the band (Black Sabbath, Hellhammer, Electric Wizard) to which comparisons could be made, but that would fall short of accurately defining the certain je ne sais quoi that is clearly present and the principle reason why this release is so alluring. (Svart)
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