Body Lotion and the Bloody Hands "The Birthday Cake"

Body Lotion and the Bloody Hands 'The Birthday Cake'
Clearing out my iTunes I discovered a song by the curiously named Body Lotion and the Bloody Hands, which, for the life of me, I couldn’t remember grabbing. The name’s pretty attention-jerking, in the sense that the imagery is almost enough to the most desensitised schlub vomit a little in their throats, but the music is surprisingly humane and naturally, crank.

Sadly, the normally reliable Google search brings up little. A MySpace page reveals members the Body, the Lotion, the Blood and the Hand (though really I just think it’s one gal) are from Denmark and the producer’s name is the appropriate DJ Betablokker. Other than that, it’s pretty much a work-it-out-for-yourself mystery.

Armed with her trusty Bontempi (a chord organ), Body – we’ll call her – is among the more eccentric artists out there; most similarly I’d say Lene Lovich, Nina Hagen or Nena "99 Luftballoons” Kerner. The lyrics appear to be stream of consciousness nonsense/brilliance, as she drops bombs like "This is a song about a real nasty fella, make me so mad I smash my Bontempi so this is a cappella,” emphasised by the agreeable yodelling.

Though there is a nice selection of songs to test drive, it’s the minimalist "The Birthday Cake” that first caught my ear, with its childlike drum beat and innocuous melody that both sound as if they came pre-programmed in the machine. A birthday song for "Lotion” and "Hand,” she basically goes on to name off a string of (un)related items like they’re her shopping list. Despite the fact that it’s a song celebrating the birth of a bloody hand, well, it’s rather cute and jingly. If only there was more to know about this "Body.”