The Body Master, We Perish

The BodyMaster, We Perish
Experimental doom duo the Body consider their musical oeuvre to be "an ongoing pilgrimage towards the apocalypse," a grim voyage they continue upon with latest EP Master, We Perish. The first of three tracks, "The Ebb and Flow of Tides on a Sea of Ash" begins with an air raid siren, and is an accurate indication of the ode to the end times that follow. The track drags itself over a shattered landscape of distortion and feedback before culminating in a din of howling, tortured vocals. Master, We Perish alternates between a hissing, fractured delicacy and the blasting, foundation-cracking ferocity of a mortar attack. "The Blessed Lay Down and Writhe in Agony" has deep, sucking hollows of sludge punctuated by a soaring soprano, a point of bright, but still eerie light. Longest track "Worship" is also the densest and most urgent, a swirl of drums and agonized voices spiralling up into a nightmarish downpour. Master, We Worship leaves a palpable, destructive energy in its wake — a smell of smoke and ozone like the cracking air after lightning has struck. (At A Loss)