Boduf Songs Lion Devours the Sun

For the mother of all double-takes, listen to this atmosphere-drenched, slow-as-molasses album, then look to see the brilliant morose songsmith behind these quietly exhausting tunes. M. Sweet, the liner notes say. Before you think the man behind Girlfriend and shimmery pop is about to kill himself, this is actually Mathew Sweet, and he comes from an entirely different sensibility (let alone country). With his voice rarely, if at all, raising above a dying whisper, the man behind the moniker is one dour cat, thus cementing the fact the get the true rewards of this album, you have to be patient. Boduf Songs tends to make the statements in a cycle, where the simple plucking and singing comes first before leading to a drawn-out instrumental interpretation that includes bits of drone, feedback and other unsettling snippets that keep the listener off balance. Prime examples, and damn good songs, include "That Angel Was Pretty Lame” and "Green Lion Devours the Sun, Blood Descends to Earth.” With a worldview like none other, Boduf Songs certainly has originality, but the journey that the listener takes through this album is as draining as it is beautiful. Be warned, as the rewards are there, but much patience is needed. (Kranky)