Bodies Lay Broken Eximinous Execration of Exiguous Exequies

Yes, the album title is a hilarious piece of tongue-in-cheek humour, as are the 25 original song titles on here (covers of Sanitys Dawn and Code 13 round out the proceedings). It's always great to see a bit of humour injected into our beloved, but all too straight-faced cookie monster/cookie cutter subgenres of grindcore and death metal. Minneapolis' Bodies Lay Broken may not have any originality whatsoever in their short bursts of lo-fi gore-grind, but their love of the genre (particularly the first two Carcass albums) is apparent and duly noted. Purists will eat this stuff up, while those looking for something new should just keep looking. What really sets Bodies Lay Broken apart from their peers is their ability to have a laugh, from the song titles to the band photo (the members' shoes), and the gut-busting liner notes: "Thanks to our friends and everyone who's disapprobated to inquinate us." (Necropolis)