Bob Dylan Used in UK School Curriculums

Bob Dylan Used in UK School Curriculums
Slowly edging his way into every little corner of western culture, Bob Dylan will now be part of Britain's school curriculum. Well, his lyrics, not the man himself.

News reports are confirming that Dylan's songs will be studied in schools throughout the UK as examples of poetry. A selection of his work will be used in lessons under the National Poetry Day umbrella.

Songs chosen include "Three Angels," "I Dreamed I Saw St Augustine" and "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall," while students will also be encouraged to write their own ballads inspired by Dylan.

Andrew Motion, the Poet Laureate, commented on the opportunity, saying: "Dylan is unique having this extraordinary combination of wonderful melodies with these very interesting words wrapped around them. I think it will be a real help, particularly to those people that find poetry in the classroom difficult or off-putting or irrelevant."

Motion isn't too sure how it will be received, considering the generation gap. "I'm not sure how cool Dylan is amongst the people this is aimed at or how much they're listening to him compared to my generation. But that said I think it is a wonderful idea."

"A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall"